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I sometimes add links to blogs but realised it would also be  useful to have them, plus others, on a single page.   They will be added to when I get a round tuit (as they say) and no doubt some may fall off over time.  Most will have links to other sites.   Haven’t yet checked all the links work.  (Oh the shame of amateurism versus enthusiasm).

There are thousands of sites and here but a sample……… links may not be current….. checking will happen, haphazardly………..

All UK based (as far as aware)  unless country noted e.g. USA

Alliance of Literary Societies         For blogs, information and Newsletters covering a wide range of societies, events etc.

blackbox manifold          Current poems and poets, online mag.  Uni. Sheffield site.

enotes .com          USA              A site for students and teachers.  Can be useful as a quick double/check on people and terms.      For full service there is a subscription.

Friends of Dymock Poets      Covers an area of beautiful countryside which attracted poets to live and visit, specifically supporting:  Lascelles Abercrombie, Rupert Brooke, John Drinkwater, Robert Frost, Wilfrid Gibson, Edward Thomas          Regular articles and reviews from this Guardian site.

Ivor Gurney Society           Composer and poet:  often considered a war poet (WW1) but he considered music and song as his priority.

John Clare Society              John Clare possibly positioned himself as a ‘peasant poet’  for public consumption of the day.  He wrote a huge amount of poetry and natural history notes.   It is now possible to visit Clare’s Cottage in Helpston.   Other good sites on him exist.

literature Wales                Focused interest, I first looked for inf. on Alun Rees

Long Poem  Magazine       Long poems may be submitted to this  site for the magazine, twice yearly issues.   UK site for writers, new and old.

Michael Rosen Blog             As it says.  Many interesting items, views, ideas and methodology from a much respected writer, poet, educationalist.  A MUST-READ SITE!

National Poetry Day           Part of Forward Arts Foundation, see site for full range.

Poetry Atlas                          Likely a USA site.  Covers, as you’d expect, poetry depicting scenes from all round the world

Poetry Book Society            Founded in 1953 by T.S. Eliot and friends

Poetry Society                      Join to connect to around UK poetry scene

Poetry Foundation              USA:  ‘Putting poetry into American culture’.  Publish online poetry magazine.

Poem Hunter                        USA:        As it says; good way of finding poets and poems of all description.  Includes audio poems.

PoetryID                                 North Herts poetry group, linked to Poetry Society.  Regular  meetings and events.

Poetrypf                                 North London based group  Regular events  and listing of current poets and poems.

Shadow Poetry                         USA:  Another useful site, covering many styles of poetry with examples plus other writing resources.

The Victorian Web                 Not specifically poetry but a superb site for literature and history et al of the Victorian period

The War Poets Association      UK:   A good listing of names and work of War Poets plus relevant events and comments.  Not restricted to  era.   Seems a reasonably new site and likely to be another.  Pleased to see Vernon Scannell listed.

Wilfred Owen Society      For information, events and poems.


Recent Posts

Robert Bloomfield: 3rd December 1766, his birthday

Three poems by Robert Bloomfield:

Solitude  /   The Shepherd and his dog Rover   /   Winter Song

Bloomfield was an early and on going inspiration to John Clare.  They exchanged many letters and were friends though never met.  He was born in Suffolk, worked for a while in London but was forced to move when the business failed.  Lived finally for some years, and died, in Shefford.  His house is marked with a plaque.


                                     The Shepherd and his dog Rover

                                               Winter Song

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