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Here goes: I write a bit of poetry, sometimes about poetry I find and ditto any sort of books I take a fancy to. I seem to have a preference for seeing the changes from the late Victorian period through to the 1930's, maybe 50's. But, and a big but, could carry that right up to current poetry/performance poetry. Though sometimes my grounding for 'imagist and Nature' might unnerve me for too much too modern. However, I do like to range widely over all 'historical' poetry, and fiction, any and all periods. I also like finding (if only for me) regional or partly forgotten poems and poets. Maybe all this is too eclectic to have a themed 'Blog' but so be it....... I also enjoy writing bits of fiction that might add up to a small mole-hill one day. Plus reviewing of new or old books that are relevant to my enthusiasms of Crime fiction, the Arts, Natural History and Special Education. This is on 'wordparc'. I try to record honestly what I think but if something is too bad (to my mind, others may love it!!) then I will not 'blog' it There, what's that if not seemingly random!

Of  Love and War: Vernon Scannell

Of Love and War.    Vernon Scannell.  1922-2007                           New and Selected Poems   November 16th is the 10th anniversary of the death of Vernon Scannell.(23rd  January1923 -16th November 2007) … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Echo< 2017 PoetryID Anthology

Waiting for the Echo, A 2017 Poetry ID Anthology A Graph Review.   45 to plus sixty, good reading Not yet available in bookshops,  best to purchase  via PoetryID website 978 09542867 7        48pp       … Continue reading

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John Clare, The Trespasser: A Graph Review

John Clare, The Trespasser.   By John Goodridge and R K R  Thornton A Graph Review:  high marks to 70s     Published by Five Leaves Publications.      2016.      Paper £6.99 10 pages of notes and 3 on further reading in … Continue reading

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Poems for April

Poems for April. April may have been overtaken by May and Spring is now sliding into Summer so apologies for being a laggard.  Or maybe I can claim to be presumptious for 2018!   Another small selection for the seasons covering  … Continue reading

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poems JJS

 Poem  The grizzled old man looked at me with the morning sun glistening on bristled chin. His eyes sunken, not hooded like crows but sprawled-over by lank eyebrows; and his nose! Thin commas red-lining the beak and you see the … Continue reading

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Dandelions Poems by Arthur Berry

Dandelions     Poems By Arthur Berry Paperback, self-published Introduction by Arthur Berry dated as 1993 so  reckon publication same year or one after. No isbn and I can’t remember what price I paid about four years ago.    I bought … Continue reading

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Too Afraid to Cry, A Graph Review

Too Afraid to Cry;     A memoir in prose and verse     by     Ali Cobby Eckermann Published by Ilura Press. 978 192132524 3         Paperback Recently announced as one of the two  winners … Continue reading

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