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Here goes: I read poets and about poetry and any sort of book I take a fancy to. I seem to have a preference for seeing the changes from the Victorian period through to the 1930's, maybe 50's. But, and a big but, I also carry that right up to current poetry/performance poetry. Though sometimes my seeming preference for 'imagist' and Nature' might unnerve me for too much too modern. However, I do like to range widely over poetry, and fiction, any and all periods. I also like finding (if only for me) regional or partly forgotten poems and poets. Maybe all this is too eclectic to have a themed 'Blog' but so be it....... I also write fiction that might add up to a small mole-hill one day. Plus reviewing new or old books that are relevant to my enthusiasms of Crime Fiction, the Arts, Natural History and Special Education. This is on 'wordparc'. I try to record honestly what I think but if something is too bad (to my mind, others may love it!!) then I will not 'blog'. There, what's that if not seemingly random!

Lorna Goodison: Guinea Woman and Selected Poems

After reading ‘I am Becoming My Mother’, I take a look at Guinea Woman and For My Mother, a collection published in 2000. Guinea Woman & Selected Poems Lorna Goodison paperback       published 2000,    Carcanet Maybe it is … Continue reading

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Colours of Autumn by John Clare; October by Edward Thomas

  Colours of Autumn.             John Clare Now that the year is drawing to a close Such mellow tints on trees and bushes lie So like to sunshine that it brighter glows As one looks more … Continue reading

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‘October’ and ‘The Sun Used to Shine’ Edward Thomas

two poems from: Poems  by  Edward Thomas Published 1917 by Selwyn & Blount   October The green elm with the one great bough of gold Lets leaves into the grass slip, one by one,  – The short hill grass, the … Continue reading

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National Poetry Day 2017:

  The UK National Poetry Day theme for 2017 is ‘Freedom’  poems,  one by JJ Smith  and one by Jean Whitfield Gated                                      … Continue reading

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Smoothie, by Claudine Toutoungi: A Graph Review

         Smoothie                                                     A Graph Review average 67 points    By Claudine Toutoungi  … Continue reading

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John Clare: Nature, Criticism and History: Newly Published

John Clare: Nature, Criticism and History by  Simon Kovesi         Published  4th Sept 2017 £66.99   hardback only Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan ISBN-13: 978-0230277878 Size: 8 x 1.8 x 21 cm This book investigates what it is that makes John Clare’s poetic vision so … Continue reading

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Guy Butler: ‘On First Seeing Florence’ thoughts

Mostly:     On first seeing Florence                   a long poem Guy Butler Published:     New Coin poetry, pamphlet by Rhodes University, Grahamstown.  1968. As far as I am aware this pamphlet/poem is unavailable. This … Continue reading

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