You have to start somewhere and my first memory is beside the fire as a very young child with brother and sister and all asking for that story.  With a mug of cocoa and lights off so only the flames and smoke of the fire to see by our mother would start the story and I would hold my breath:

There’s a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Khatmandu,      

There’s a little marble cross below the town……………….

So there we have it, attention grabbed!  I have included the full poem in the blog and the how and why of it by the author.

Romance, rolling language and rhythms caught me at a young age.  I have moved on (I hope) but adding to the appreciations, not replacing.

I recently (a while ago now but nothing’s changed) looked at  ‘Literary Criticism’, a book for students written by James Reeves and first published in the 1930s or 40s.    I am not truly quoting but offering my understanding of his words, in paraphrase; that poetry is a concise interpretation of an event/theme/emotion which also offers an understanding of the author’s mind.  But also, for a poem to be considered a ‘good poem’ it should be capable of deconstruction and analysis that shows the depth of thought and meanings possible in every word laid by the poet.  By consideration this may throw new light on our interpretations and the authors intentions.  Thankfully he does not seem overly enthusiastic about the need for rhyme and metre being set in stone but that the sense of the poem reads well.

For years I have loved poetry for the ‘story’, emotion, rhythm and just the sound.  No doubt all harking back to a mother’s quoting!

I have read biographies cum brief lives of poets but always been wary of analysis.  James Reeves’ little book suggested that the essence of the poem will always be its emotional impact and that a good poem will improve with a little analysis.

Am I tempted to work a little harder?   Yes, I think I am but just dont tell anyone.


The blogs will contain reviews, bits of news, comments and poetry old and new.  My work is my copyright.  Anything from other contributors may be accepted and published but may be edited, with their permission.  Items remain authors copyright (out of copyright if 1942 or pre) unless commissioned.  Book covers where available shown for readers benefit (books may not be in print).

If wordparc/poetryparc copyrighted items be used from this blog then acknowledgements appreciated on further published outings, please advise peotryparc or wordparc  of requests to re-publish.

This blog is for my leisure, pleasure and information but I hope any reader finds it useful in some way too.   Feel free to contact me, I would intend to reply but apologies if I dont manage to……

updated Aug.2016


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