Costa Poetry Prize category Winners 2016

Winner of each category of the Costa Book Awards was announced on 3rd January, 2017:

Firstly, congratulations to the Costa Poetry Prize winner:

Alice Oswald     for:  Falling Awake    falling-imagepoems written to be read aloud on exploring life’s losing struggle with the gravity of nature.

Other shortlisted poets were:

Kate Tempest                           Let Them Eat Chaos

Melissa Lee-Houghton        Sunshine

Denise Riley                            Say Something Black   

The winner of the Costa Book of the Year  2016 will be announced 31st Jan. 2016

be chosen from these 2016 category winners for:

First Novel          Francis Spufford       Golden Hill      New York in the winter of 1746

Novel                      Sebastion Barry        Days Without End   Set in Indian and Civil wars in America

Biography            Keggie Carew              Dadland      (part memoir, part history, discovering the story of her father, Tom Carew as he slipped into dementia: S.O.E, Jedburghs, Burma and more, in a colourful life)

Poetry                  Alice Oswald                Falling Awake

Children’s book     Brian Conaghan      The Bombs That Brought us Together     the story of two friends, one shed, a war and a terrible choice.

Kate Tempest’s  Let Them Eat Chaos is the only poem I have, in this case, seen but not read in hard copy but reviewed on this site earlier.   I will look to reviewing Alice Oswald’s winning collection soonest!


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