Kate Tempest: Let Them Eat Chaos

Well, how do you get blown away the easy way?

Watch   ‘Performance live….. Kate Tempest… let them eat chaos’

Recorded Live from Rivoli Ballroom           on  BBC2;    first shown  1st oct 2016

Too late now!

Even better!   Find them performing live somewhere round the country and go there smartish

An album, it seems can be bought, not sure if it is a DVD haven’t got to a proper search but a copy of the Rivolii on DVD would be the ideal; if not then the cd is still a must. let-them-eat-chaos

At least I know a paperback is available at £9.99,        (from Wordery)  cover displayed

I managed to watch it on the BBC iPlayer and for an ‘old’ poetry stalwart like me it was one of the most powerful events I have seen.  Yes, maybe it is just that I’ve had a somewhat cosy time and not seen much poetry performed let alone of this quality.   I was once in an audience of only fourteen in a three hundred seater theatre for a performance of Romeo and Juliet by, I think, the Hull Theatre Company and that was electric.  Possibly a performance magnified by the emptiness of the theatre.

The info on Kate Tempest gives her full credentials as a performer, of hip-hop, of rap, as a poet, performing since she was sixteen.  She has previously published several books and cds of her work.

In this amazing performance, with superbly fitting music and filmic effects she was word and emotion perfect for some 50 minutes; full of honest description, empathy, anger and truth.  Life on a street has been highlighted before but this performance was bigger, much wider in scope than just updating to the here and now and more so by the picture of both complicity and isolation drawn at a single moment in the night.  The deep-night time of 4.18a.m. will now have a permanent space in my memory.

So, for me, Kate Tempest and this production stands on a par with that strangely taut Romeo and Juliet and the radio version of  ‘Under Milkwood’ from my youth.  A trio of masterpieces.

There are other events planned for ‘Performance Live”   watch out for them……..


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