‘Twas the Morn before Christmas

”Twas the morn before Christmas
and the women were womanning the tills
at the supermarket on the chilly edge of town.

All round the store were festive sales and tinselled aisles
and trolleys that glittered and groaned
as the couples strolled in last minute chance
to garner a Christmas home.

Many a man was there that time, list in hand,
alone, pushing a trolley in that strange land
where prizes lay hidden midst confusing colours
and subtle variety which his manuscript failed to match.
Yet he knew.  His instinct unerringly helped him grasp
the not-quite batch of biscuit or the better value bottle, the bigger size
one that didn’t quite fit the cupboard it was destined for.
And yet the mystery of getting it right spurred them on.
Item tick
Item tick
Item tick.
Between each gap the trolley rushed and shaved a second here,
a corner there,
a short cut from cheese to International Cuisine gave pause enough to
catch a breath and scope the signs to soft drinks and beers.
The search was nearly done, the hunt was on, the race almost won.
At the cross-aisle chicane, ‘the other man was to blame!’
Ignore the bump, smile and nod in unison and on
for the final accolade of cocktail cherries and ditto sticks.
At last, a final twist of fate, the deed was done with help from a fairy with antlers on
ss she beeped and trilled at the winning post.

And out, to the car, the open park where the wind was wild and the air was free.
Yes, dear reader, that trolley was me!


Apologies to…. everyone, ………. and best wishes for Christmas   jJS


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