On finding: Poems of John Clare’s Madness: ed. Geoffrey Grigson

Just found this copy in a local secondhand bookshop.  I knew of it but never had a copy as I do not go searching for specific titles, just find what I find, as it were.

I have a long-standing interest in Clare so pleased to have bought it.  This copy was published in 1949 and is in okay condition, bit foxed and no dustwrapper but otherwise pretty servicable.   And pleasing to me is the fact that it was originally bought in W&G Foyles, according to the sticker, a shop that I still visit on occasion when in London.

At the same time I am reading one of the new ‘Inspector Maigret’ titles from Penguin Classic, ( a new translation).   This will be in Graph Review in a while.  I doubt the Clare book will be reviewed but it may well get a few mentions along the way.

I do notice that Grigson acknowledges Mrs Tibble and Professor Tibble for their kindness and information.  Others did precede them with writing/biography on Clare but their two volumes first introduced me to John Clare and of course there has been a groundswell of publishing since then, especially in the last 15 to 20 years as well as the society that now maintains his original cottage and runs events and support to and for poetry and research.


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