Poets Laureate: a wordsearch!!

For Scotland’s International Poetry Festival 20145 – 9 March  there will be an exhibition of Poets Laureate from Dryden to Carol Ann Duffy.

It’s an exploration of the relationship between poet and monarch featuring (UK) Poets Laureate across the centuries and their works including the current Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy.  This will include such as presentation volumes, manuscripts and images of and information on the poets.

This exhibition will be held at The Queen’s Gallery, Holyrood House, Edinburgh, EH8 8DX

Stanza – Scotland’ Poetry Festival 

is a good link to see the who what and where of the full events of Scotlands International Poetry Festival which covers a wealth of fascinating people and subjects.    Just a matter of choosing and booking.

While I am here pondering Poets laureate I should note that there are countless sites/pages to read up on th P.Ls….      All I am mentioning is that the exhibition starts with John Dryden, who was the first official Poet Laureate (from1668-1689).  There had been four ‘unofficial’ poet laureate earlier:      Edmund Spencer 1591-1599;  Samuel Daniel 1599-1619;   Ben Jonson 1619-1637  and William Davenport 1638-1668.

list of laureates          this link is to Hull Uni. but ther must be ‘loads’

Just to add a little difference I include a Wordsearch of the Poet Laureates names though dates are not included..and its not very hard!

laureate wordsearch


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